Sex With A Gynecologist

Melissa has always been a busy woman, working as a top paid escort. Because of the demand for her services she rarely has time for friends. Then one day she had the most amazing experience while going to a routine women’s health appointment. She went to the reception and confirmed her arrival for her appointment. Luckily, she was the last person on the list which meant she had all the time to ask the gynecologist as many questions as she wanted.

She walked into the room and there stood a tall, masculine, doctor who looked nothing like her previous doctor. You could mistake him for a top model. He had strong arms, a well maintained beard, and was so handsome. But she knew what she had come to do and so decided to play it cool.

She was not on her period yet but explained to the doctor what her problem had been for the past 3 months. The doctor instructed her to lay on the bed and told her to spread her legs. This was the usual procedure but it caught Melissa by surprise. The doctor told Melissa to pull down her panties and he noticed that she was already wet. This was normal as so many ladies got wet upon seeing the doctor. The doctor too was hard but decided to focus on the matter at hand. Melissa noticed this. After a few tests, the doctor instructed Melissa to sit up. As she rose up, the doctor was much closer than normal.

Tension was high as they were both horny. This was the first time in a while that she was horny in a natural way, not in a formal way for her profession as an escort. The doctor went in for a kiss and she did not resist. Melissa was too wet to resist this hot man. She pulled his pants down and grabbed his cock. It was very thick, long, and rock hard. Before she could go down on her knees for the blowjob, the doctor pulled her up by her chin and told her to spread her legs. She obeyed and did as she was instructed. He then thrust his huge cock in her tight vagina. He pounded her on the examination table. She loved it and trembled at his thrusts. It didn’t take long before they both climaxed. They laughed silly at each other.

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